How am I protected as a host?

Trust is the foundation for shared living, and we understand that social connection will not happen unless all members feel safe and comfortable with their living situation. We verify guests through a reference check - they have to provide a professional or academic reference before they can book a room, creating a sense of accountability for the guest to treat your home with respect. Furthermore, the host and guest agree to a Stay Agreement - which you can download directly in the booking tab of your dashboard - which outlines the terms of the stay and house rules. Your personal information, such as contact details and address, are kept confidential. In the map associated with your room listing, only the broad area you live is identified, not the exact location of your house.

What is a Stay Agreement?

A Stay Agreement is a document outlining the terms of the living arrangement. Signed by both the host and guest, the agreement acts as a a mutual acceptance of the outlined terms and conditions, including: length of stay; payment, fees, and security deposit; cancelations/changing stay dates; safety and conduct; and more. Please make sure to read the document carefully before signing. If anything is unclear or incomplete, a RoomForTea support staff will be happy to help.

Are there any regulations to be aware of before listing a room?

There are certain obligations that must be adhered to. The home and terms of the Stay Agreement must adhere to all health and safety standards. If you have any questions about how these regulations affect you as a host, feel free to contact us with any questions.

How do I deal with conflict?

Our local support team is available to help you online, over the phone, or in person. Whatever the issue, we will help you find a solution. Contact us for more information.