How does payment work?

RoomForTea uses a pay-as-you go system, so the guest only pays for the actual amount of nights stayed (if less than 1 month intervals). As the host, you are paid directly by RoomForTea. We handle receipt of payment from the guest and take full responsibility for any issue with payment (ex. late payment), meaning that as a host you are guaranteed to be paid on time every month.

Why am I being charged a service fee?

It is important to note that RoomForTea is not an agency, and therefore there are no agency fees associated with listing on RoomForTea. Our goal is to assist with the chore of finding accommodation so that you can focus on the fun things as you pursue your adventures. In order for us to continue offering our service, we charge our guests a 10% service fee per booking, paid monthly. The service fee covers operational costs, in particular: verification of hosts and guests, processing payment and preparing stay agreements, personalised customer service to support users throughout their stays.