How do I list my room on RoomForTea?

You’ll need to sign up first. Click the Sign Up link and you will be led through three simple sign up steps. Once the sign up is complete, you will be directed to your Dashboard to fill in your personal profile and add a profile photo. To list a room, go to your Rooms tab on your dashboard and click on Add a room - you will be asked to provide your accommodation information and upload photos. Please note that your address and contact details will be kept private up until a booking is finalised. The room listing will not be visible to guests until you have been verified through a house visit or video verification.

What should I include in my room listing?

Try to make your listing short but detailed enough that potential guests can get an accurate idea of the room, home, area, and of the experience they can expect. Describe who lives in your home and what the local neighbourhood is like; include the closest public transport links and local amenities. Keep in mind that many guests are visiting the city for the first time, so the more detail about the neighbourhood and nearby attractions, the better!

What should be addressed in the house rules section?

The house rules section should establish any quiet hours and off-limits areas of the house, whether visitors/overnight guests are allowed, schedules and expectations to do with cleanliness and laundry, and whether or not smoking and/or pets are permitted anywhere on the premises.

How do I get verified?

On your Dashboard, click on the Book a House Visit link and use the calendar to schedule a time that is convenient for you. A member of the RoomForTea team will come by to verify you and your home and answer any questions you may have - don’t worry, the visit should only take a maximum of 30 minutes. Please note that if you live outside of London Zones 1-3, we may organise a video verification.