How do I connect with guests?

Once the house visit is complete, your room listing will go ‘live’ on the platform and guests will be able to contact you through the messaging system and ask to book your room. This is your opportunity to get to know potential guests and find someone you would feel comfortable living with. Their preferred dates of stay will show up on the chat sidebar. Before sending a guest a booking offer, feel free to ask them questions about living habits, interests, etc., as well as clarify any house rules with them. You may even suggest meeting in person before making a decision.

Why won’t the messaging system allow me to exchange contact information?

We understand that sometimes you would prefer to exchange contact details to ease communication. But we swear, we have a good reason for not allowing this! Booking a room off-platform presents a safety risk, such as fraud. In order to ensure the highest level of safety and to protect your personal information we ask that you use the online messaging system to communicate until your booking is finalised. If you would like to meet your guest before sending the booking offer, please contact us here so we can help you organise a visit.

Can I meet potential guests before deciding to make a booking offer?

Yes! This happens often and is encouraged. This can be arranged through the online messaging system and we will assist with exchanging contact details for the visit.