How do I get my room booked?

Once your room listing has been verified it will go live on RoomForTea. The RoomForTea team will promote your listing in our network and you will receive message from guests enquiring about the room. To maximise your chances of getting your room booked, we recommend that you reply to messages as soon as you receive them.

Making a booking offer

To offer your room to a guest click on the “Make Offer” button on the chat sidebar - the button will appear once your guest has selected his/her dates. You will be able to review the stay details (dates, rent, payment schedule) before sending the offer. Your guest will then have 24 hours to accept (or reject) your booking offer. Once a guest accepts your offer, we will get in touch with them to take the rent payment(s) and confirm the booking details. Your availability calendar will be automatically updated with the booking dates, so that other guests don’t contact you about the room during those dates.

Finalising the booking

Once your guest accepts the booking offer, you will be able to dowload the Stay Agreement in the bookings tab of your user dashboard. The house rules you have listed on your room listing are automatically added to the agreement, but we recommend that you discuss any house rules and living preferences with your guest prior to them moving in, so they are aware of what will be expected of them.

Can I get advance bookings?

Absolutely. Some guests will enquire about your room several months ahead of their stay. To avoid any disappointments, we recommend that you keep your RoomForTea availability Calendar up to date to the best of your knowledge, and respond to messages as soon as you can. That way you will only receive messages when your room is actually available.

Am I able to book off platform with someone I met on RfT?

Booking a room with a RoomForTea host/guest off-platform is not permitted; please consult the Non-Compete/Non Solicitation clause listed in the Terms of Service for information. Please note that anyone booking off-platform will be no longer be able to use our service.

Can I end a rental period before it is up?

We want everyone to have the best experience possible, so if your plans change or things are not working out, you can modify the dates set out in the Stay Agreement by providing your guest the required notice, usually two weeks to four weeks as defined in the Stay Agreement. Please Contact us so we can amend the Stay Agreement and, if necessary, help you find a new guest.