What is shared living?

The concept of shared living (or co-living) is continuously evolving and can have a different meaning for everyone. For us at RoomForTea, shared living is about connection, community and experience. In our view, there are no guidelines for how the shared living model works, it’s really about authenticity and each sharer contributing something unique to make the space special: a starting point for meeting new people, discovering new places, and creating new memories.

Why choose RoomForTea?

RoomForTea allows for convenience, flexibility, and safety to ease the process of renting your room. Our online platform connects you to friendly guests who need somewhere to live on a flexible basis while they work, intern or study. We verify all our guests through a reference check before they are able to book your room so you can feel safe using the platform. Last but not least, we operate by the philosophy of experiences > things, striving to provide a social space allowing hosts and guests to meet interesting people and create unique experiences!

What is a mid-term stay?

Essentially, a mid-term stay sits between short-term tourism and a long-term lease. We try to make the process of renting a room on RoomForTea as flexible as possible to accommodate your busy schedule and living preferences!

Who can host on RoomForTea?

RoomForTea is a great option for homeowners to rent out their spare room(s) in a safe, and flexible way. If you rent, rather than own, your home, you’ll still be able to use RoomForTea as long as you have notified and received the OK from your landlord.

I want to become a host, what do I need to consider?

Shared living enables you to meet new and interesting people from all over the world and create meaningful connections. Because of this, being open to sharing your home and socialising within your home is important; not only for booking your room, logistical details, and check in/out, but also for the day-to-day.