How does payment work?

We understand that the nomad lifestyle means you cannot afford to pay your rent in huge lump sums. Don’t worry, we will never require you to may more than 6 weeks at a time. If you are staying over 6 weeks, your payment schedule will switch to monthly instalments, paid ahead of the month. Our pay-as-you go system means you are only charged for the number of nights you booked for. The monthly price listed for the room includes all bills and utilities.

When am I charged?

Payment for the first month of rent (or the whole balance if the booking is less than 6 weeks) will be required in full upon confirmation of the booking. Please note that all payments should be made to RoomForTea; you should never pay a host directly as that would be a breach of the Non-Compete/Non Solicitation clause listed in our Terms of Service.

Why am I being charged a service fee?

It is important to note that RoomForTea is not an agency, and therefore there are no agency fees associated with listing on RoomForTea. Our goal is to assist with the chore of finding accommodation so that you can focus on the fun things as you pursue your adventures. In order for us to continue offering our service, we charge our guests a 10% monthly service fee per booking. The service fee covers operational costs, in particular: verification of hosts and guests, processing payment and preparing stay agreements, personalised customer service to support users throughout their stays.

Do I need to pay a damage deposit?

The host has the option to charge a deposit of up to a week’s worth of rent, which will be held by RoomForTea for the duration of the guest’s stay. The deposit will be returned at the end of the stay, upon return of the house keys and completion of a basic inventory check.