What is expected of me as a RoomForTea guest?

The key to being a great RoomForTea guest is simple - treat the home with respect, follow the house rules, and keep personal and communal areas clean and tidy to the best of your ability.

Can I have visitors?

Every host is different and will allow different things, including in regards to having visitors. It is important to ask questions and be in agreement about house rules before finalising the booking.

Can I share a room with my significant other?

Every host has different rules and preferences. Feel free to contact the host to ask. Please note that most hosts will charge a supplement for the second occupant.

Can I work from home?

We know the way we work is changing and, especially for digital nomads, working from home or from anywhere with Wi-Fi is more and more common. And we also get that avoiding a long commute is an appealing option! That said, we encourage guests to maintain a consistent balance of time in the home vs. outside of the home. Working from home the odd time is OK, we just ask that you do not make your host’s home your permanent office space. This may of course differ from host to host with some being more flexible than others. We encourage you to check with the host before booking their room!