What is shared living?

The concept of shared living (or co-living) is continuously evolving and can have a different meaning for everyone. For us at RoomForTea, shared living is about connection, community and experience. In our view, there are no guidelines for how the shared living model works, it’s really about authenticity and each sharer contributing something unique to make the space special: a starting point for meeting new people, discovering new places, and creating new memories.

Why choose RoomForTea?

RoomForTea allows for convenience, flexibility, and safety to ease the process of moving between cities. We connect people that have a spare bedroom in their home to people who need somewhere to live on a flexible basis. We operate by the philosophy of experiences > things, striving to provide guests a social space with essential furnishings and amenities and allowing for the opportunity to create an unique experience.

What is a mid-term stay?

Essentially, a mid-term stay sits between short-term tourism and a long-term lease. RoomForTea offers flexible stay lengths, to accommodate your adventurous spirit - from a few weeks to a few months, you will not need to enter a lease or tenancy agreement.

How does RoomForTea work for international nomads?

We know that finding accommodation in cities around the world can be extremely challenging without having a local resident co-sign as a guarantor or paying several months upfront. We will never ask you for a guarantor and there are no additional steps for international nomads. All we need is for you to go through our standard reference check. On top of that, RoomForTea allows you to transfer money from any currency.